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Horsey Seal Colony

   Norfolk   November 21, 2014  Comments Off on Horsey Seal Colony

The seals are back in Horsey and visitors are arriving in numbers to watch them on the beach. Every year the colony of grey seals come in their hundreds to give birth to their pups on Horsey Beach in Norfolk. The beach and surrounding waters is the colony’s home and…

Whale Pod Spotted

   Norfolk   November 12, 2014  Comments Off on Whale Pod Spotted

For the first time, a pod of long-finned pilot whales have been spotted off the Norfolk coast.  Much to the delight of walkers and bird watchers in the area, the whales were seen heading east from Sheringham toward Winterton.  It’s a rare treat for nature enthusiasts who were able to…

Big Ed’s Word of the Day

   Norfolk   August 18, 2014  Comments Off on Big Ed’s Word of the Day

Today’s Norfolk word of the day from Big Ed (pictured here with his favourite tipple) is “bishy barnabee”, a ladybird or Coccinella magnifica if you’re feeling fancy. The name is thought to be from “Bishop Barnaby”, but who the devil he is I haven’t a clue…